Maritime Manning Reinvented

Automate and enhance your manning operations with our integrated and secure maritime recruitment platform


Modernize Your Manning Agency

Adapt your manning operations to the changing times. Generate demand and increase customer confidence by streamlining your recruitment process with Marino Hire — a unified, user-friendly, and world’s first GDPR-certified maritime recruitment system.

  • Gain easier access and insights

One dashboard that enables you to get all insights about your process — different clients, vacancies, and so on.

  • Shorten the recruitment cycle

Save time and resources. Fill vacancies faster and amplify your support to both maritime employers and candidates.

  • Boost your business

Build a smooth and stress-free process. Become the go-to agent for shipping clients as well as for seafarers to line up their next contract

Simplify Crew Sourcing, Recruiting, and Management

Transform your manning operations with our robust yet simple-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Submit candidates with greater ease

Review vacancies at different companies, match applicants with best-suited contracts, and move your candidate through the hiring process quickly.

Manage candidates

Keep candidates in line for current and future vacancies and never run out of qualified maritime talent.

Stay informed

Get notifications and know when a candidate has applied or has been recruited and stay on top of what’s happening with your hiring operations.

Stay Miles Ahead in the Game

Marino Hire’s all-in-one recruitment platform adds ease and speed to your maritime hiring operations. But that’s not all. Using our platform brings you more benefits than you might have imagined.

As a manning agency, you can leverage Marino Hire’s platform either as a manning partner of one of our maritime clients or by joining our platform independently. Either way, you get to enjoy the features we offer. Additionally, working with us opens up a world of opportunities for your business.

  • Build your presence among our prestigious cluster of maritime clients
  • Promote your crewing services to a wider group of employers and jobseekers
  • Earn the trust and confidence of your patrons with our GDPR-certified platform

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Ready to Grow Your Manning Agency With a Swift, Seamless and Secure Recruitment Process?


In many ways, but principally by consolidating the entire source and hire process for all your vacancies onto one GDPR certified platform; and by eliciting applications through the platform from interested and correctly qualified applicants.

ShipHire is flexible to accommodate most variations of methods. Which means your method can be incorporated into ShipHire.

If you work in the shipping sector, it can be used for every position, from Cadets to Master, Chief Engineer, and Superintendents.

Absolutely. We take the security of both employer and candidate data extremely seriously, and are GDPR certified and SOC2 Type I Attested, conforming with all European Union data protection legislation.

We can adverstise on your behalf.

You have complete control over your profile on our platform. We will never send your profile to any hiring organization unless we have received an instruction from you via the platform that you wish to apply for a job about which we have notified you.

Of course yes. Manning agents will add value here too. We shall tell you how when we meet you.

Yes. Like Manning agents. They complement our ATS.