Smooth Sailing for Your Maritime Career

Marino Hire powers you through your job search and helps you land the best opportunities in the maritime industry.


How Marino Hire Works

Using the Marino Hire platform is as easy as 1-2-3.

Register and set up your profile in a few minutes.

Search and apply for one or more maritime vacancies in only seven clicks!

Take an online screening test and clear it to move to the next step.

Choose your time slot and take online interviews from anywhere you want.

Stay up-to-date at every step of the application process.

Job Hunt Made Easy

With Marino Hire’s fast, user-friendly, and secure GDPR-certified platform, your maritime job search is no longer a tedious and time consuming experience.

Find top maritime jobs

Prestigious shipping companies from around the world are registered on our platform. We help you get access to their top vacancies.

Ease of use

Organize your job search, set up your profile to get seen by top employers, apply to vacancies, and track your progress — all from one place.

Perfect for all jobseekers

Find vacancies for every imaginable maritime position — from entry level cadets to master, chief engineer, and superintendents and everything else in between.

Custom recommendations

Apart from manual searching, our advanced platform shows you jobs that are best suited to your skill-level, expertise and experience.

Apply for future

Interested in a filled position? No worries. You can still apply for the job and set your profile to get notifications the moment it is available.

Find an Offer

Stand Out and Stay Ahead

The maritime industry is ever-changing. Resumes become outdated quickly. Creating an account with Marino Hire helps you stand out with an up-to-date profile that attracts recruiters.

Take advantage of our features to manage your job search quickly and proactively and go one step ahead of the competition.

  • Organize your job search better
  • Track the progress of your job applications
  • Follow up with prospective employers or your manning agency
  • Set your profile to get notified when your dream employer opens vacancies
  • Grab the opportunities you deserve and steer your career in the right direction

Ultimate Data Protection

At Marino Hire, we take data security very seriously. There are multiple safety layers across your interactions on our system.

  • GDPR certified, BVQI-certified and SOC2 Type I attested platform keeps all data encrypted
  • Two-factor authentication safeguards your logins and account access
  • Have complete control over your profile on our platform

Great Opportunities at Your Fingertips

With Marino Hire, it takes a few taps on your smartphone to apply for your preferred jobs and progress through the hiring process. You may never need our help at all. But if you do, our experienced team is here to help.

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